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We are dedicated to helping seniors sell or lease their home, and informatively transition to a competent, safe and affordable senior living community. Leading with expertise (J.D. and MBA), pertinent work experience and passion, we provide unbiased and knowledgeable dual representation to seniors and their families. Although moving from the beloved family home is often a difficult and emotional process, our full service approach—rooted in a deep understanding of residential and senior housing markets, alleviates the stress and anxiety commonly experienced during these uncertain times.



As an added benefit for listing your home with us, our talented team of experts advise you on all aspects of the senior housing industry.

In addition to our extensive listing services, our senior housing experts: provide an industry overview, gather information on desired senior communities, schedule tours with onsite management, accompany you on tours to provide expert operational insight on each community, solicit offers from communities competing for your business, and have our in-house attorney evaluate residency agreement terms.


Our firm offers two premier representation services for the price of one so seniors and their families receive the support they need and deserve.


Our experts have years of experience in the senior housing industry and are available at all times to provide valuable insight to our clients.


The senior living industry is inherently complex. It is a blend of the hospitality, multi-family residential, food and beverage, and medical care industries all wrapped into one. This means product offerings vastly differ from community to community, and operator to operator. Furthermore, community pricing structures are materially different. Some communities have “entrance fees” that subsidize monthly rent, some offer all-inclusive rental rates, and others opt to charge a la carte for many services. Evaluating all of these variables is daunting, especially for seniors and family without industry expertise. We help you and your family gather all pertinent information so you may make an informed decision from a simplified apples-to-apples comparison.


We understand and believe the most important factor to evaluate when finding a senior living community is the quality of care you or your loved one receives. Quality care is a result of both operational integrity and caring staff. Our industry expertise allows us to dissect the staffing levels of each community to determine whether the operator is truly providing the high quality care residents expect and deserve. We are familiar with many of the operators and communities, and well positioned to confidently advise you on their reputations for providing superior quality care.


It is no secret that living in a service enriched environment, such as a senior living community, can be very expensive. Pair that with the high entrance fees many communities charge and you are approaching one of the largest expenses you or your loved one will ever endure. Until now, family members and prospective residents have had to play the role of “tenant representative” and attempt to negotiate favorable pricing and rental agreement terms without having the time, experience, and expertise to make informed decisions. With Class Realty Group at your side, you can sit back and relax while we advocate for you and only you. We handle negotiations, dissect pricing and living options, and collect offers from competing communities to ensure you or your loved one receives the best overall package possible.


Referral agents are paid by senior communities. We have no conflicts of interest that may compromise our representation of you or your loved one, as we get 100% of our compensation from selling and/or leasing your home. It is our priority to find you the perfect community.

My mother suffered from Alzheimer’s and we had to move her from her longtime home into a community. We sought the advice of Class Realty Group to guide us through the process and they were great at explaining how everything worked. They also helped us come to the conclusion that we should rent out her property to help finance her living expenses and they’ve helped manage the property ever since.

Nick M.

Unfortunately I met Greg and Michael after I had already put my parents into an entrance fee community on the East Coast. Even though I didn’t have their help when I made the decision, they have provided so much insight into the industry and now I fully understand how entrance fees work. I’d recommenced you get in touch with Class Realty Group if you have ANY questions regarding senior housing.

John M.

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